Sam Nemeth (NL)
Journalist, Director of creative agency Poppe & Partners

Sam Nemeth is director and journalist. He started his career at video collective Staats TV/Rabotnik and at student magazines. He graduated in Film & TV studies at the University of Amsterdam and was editor of Film en TV monthly Skrien in the 90-ties, where he specialized in videogames. He made artist documentaries for the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and worked for various tv stations as a filming journalist. He initiated and directed tv programs and filmed and edited for documentaries. He worked for medialabs like Waag, now called Waag Society, as content developer and head of communication. Sam’s presentation will cover the story of a syrian refugee operating an experimental platform for journalists on WhatsApp and a Facebook page. Sam will also take part at discussion after a movie Hippies from Hell: Screening of documentary movie about hacking scene in Amsterdm. Other speaker will be Inne Poppe - director and author of this movie.


Ideas Travels - a WhatsApp Odyssey
Sun 12:00