Viola van Alphen (NL)
Activist, writer and event producer of multimedia event GOGBOT

Viola van Alphen is activist, writer and event producer of multimedia event GOGBOT, which won the national Innovation Award- the Netherlands.

With themes like the Googlization of Everything, Japanoiiid, Singularity is Near..Resistance is Futile, Mediapolis, Meme’s, Atompunk, the festival always seems to address one or more issues that create controversy and encourage the visitors to be more actively engaged in technology and the role they want technology to have and definitely to not have in the future.

The festival is free of entrance, taking art out of the museums and presenting it in the public space. With international artists, young talent and collaborations with i.e. VU University and University Twente, European Space Agency, NASA, Nanolab Twente, Mddr_ Lab, WORM, Lebowski StreetArt publishers, Anonymous, FEMEN, diverse hackerspaces, etc.

With projects like Google Birth, Baghdad Car Bomb Wrecks of Jonas Staal, Tinkebels underwear-vending-machines, Workspace for “Terrorists” from Atelier van Lieshout, Autonomous Spaceships, etc etc.

Together with a group of artists, Violahacked herself into the Museum of Modern Art NYC using A.R. app LAYAR, which afterwards officially got added to the MoMA’s program.

During the presentation she will show several examples of (tech) art and activism.


Saturday 16:00